This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair

The power of the BULLWHIP…..
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I have been anticipating this book since being introduced to the Masters of Shadowlands series. BDSM at it’s best for all us brats in the world.

Sam and Linda had unfinished business from him making her do the one thing she swore she wouldn’t, climax. Being a victim of a horrible slave trade  operation Linda tried to regain her life and be “normal person”. She did not want to accept that she was submissive or a masochist because of others view on a person enjoying a little kink in the bedroom. Sam accepted her and made her feel whole with no judgment but he could not give her his all.

This is a love story come true of a hardcore sadist and his willing masochist. They heeled each other from past hurts of being someone else instead of who they really were. Acknowledging no one can determine your choices but yourself in the end.

Linda being a true mother hen in protecting her kids, man, and faith in justice was wrote to perfection. I doubted her self doubt in the beginning but when all the pieces were put together I fell in love with her character and am now on a mission for my AYW-ID ( all you want I’ll do), now one og my favorite acronyms. She found friends, peace, love, and strength.

Sam being a Sadistic Dom through and through was a closed off man who after a night of unprotected sex caused him to marry a woman who destroyed his williness to express himself. Still a favorite for his “hard truth”, I just couldn’t be more turned on. Whip, clamps, and spankings would not have turned me away; good Linda thought the same. She broke those walls and got to the heart of steel.

If you are a TRUE BDSM eroctic romance lover I recommend this book and series. Cherise Sinclair is “THE DOMME” in a world of Masters and I am a proud brat that will follow submissively. I give this book 5♥’s.

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