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Well what I can say about Melody Anne book 2 in the Surrender Series, Submit, is that it is 2013 Fifty Shades with an intriguing edge. I was drawn in by the cliff hanging book one and when I started the second one the idea hit me.

Ari had a decision to make and the choice she made had me screaming at her in the first chapter.  I was happy she had a reason and backbone with that decision or I would have just given up and hated her lack of spine. She was a girl on a mission after she figured out what it actually was and decided to accept nothing less.

Rafe is the love of my life because regardless of how stand-offish he tried to be, he was a sweetheart to the bone. I severe hard break had his heart locked with a key but every now and again it was unlocked and exposed. The more he tried to hide his feelings the more they showed in his actions and the way he handle situations.

Melody did a GREAT job with this much anticipated release. Although the heroine was portrayed weak she came out strong and had the hero being the one who ULTIMATELY, Submitted. I am waiting for September for book three, Seduce.

If you enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy then you will be hooked on these books as well. No the HERO is not FUCKED up but has commitment issues from past hurt and betrayal of ex-wife and best friend. The first book is Surrender which is out in e-book and paperback. I give this book 4 1/2 ♥’s

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