The First Order…. Safeword LLC by Peyton Elizabeth

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I love when I get a book referral from other authors and Peyton Elizabeth “The First Order Safeword LLC” was the book of choice. I am a HUGE fan of BDSM books either it be introducing a novice to the lifestyle or full blow S/ M. This book was a quick look on introducing a novice to the lifestyle. Helping her find her inner self through the help of a well respected placing agency.

Rebecca was down on her luck in job and in sex life. She always wanted a little restraint in her bedroom activities. She got that and more when Ms. Van Camp handed her a card and her curiosity got the best of her. Upon completing thorough research and submitted an application she not only got one Master but two, twins. Rebecca had the desire to please and belong and was on the verge of losing who she was as a person but a little force orgasm punishment scene made her see the error in those ways.

Master Ellisons’ were two peas in a pod with Ross being the sensual one and Lane having his guards up regularly. The two were good heroes but Lane’s failure to trust was the hardship of a hopeful relationship. His attitude kept Becca on edge and Ross trying to fill the voids. The mastered the communication and giving a sub what they needed rule though.

All I have to say is, where do I sign? The idea behind the book was a draw in. The benefits of what the company offered and the well respected men that they catered too. It showed the truths of the BDSM life as well as how TRUST is a major NEED. I recommend this series and am looking forward to book 2, Dare To Submit.

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