The Santini's by Melissa Schroeder

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Men of Service……..

I just enjoyed four novellas about brothers in different areas of service and the women that captured their hearts. I could have given different reviews but it was best to sum them ALL up as “PROTECT ME and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER” status.

Although they were not labeled as dominant men you can tell from the way they handled themselves as well as them wanting their women at ease and satisfied. I just want to be a part of an M/F/M relationship with all of them and me in the center.  The books displayed sex but the romance is what did me in. The heroes took time and advice from each other and parents and went after what they knew their hearts wanted as well as what they life needed. I feel a little push in the right direction always help.

Melissa you did a WONDERFUL job in displaying trials, happiness, grief, and self doubt. It was not over bearing and the stories flowed from one to the next. Joey was the ROCK but MJ kept you laughing. Gee, well he knew how to make you swoon and kept you changing your panties. Leo was a charmer and aimed to please in any way possible. Marco was NO HOLDS BARRED and wanted truth and believed in openness. Vince well he was a goner from the beginning, his heart was set and it just took him a while to quench that thirst.

I would love stories on the Johnson men though…… HINT! Well everyone these are quick must reads in you enjoy MEN IN SERVICE, I certainly DO
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