Lawful Overdose by Justine Elvira

Justine Elvira Final Front Cover Lawful Overdose
*Warning: This book is for mature audiences. It contains drugs, sex, underage drinking, harsh language, and is panty melting hot!

Since the death of her sister, Tessa Grayson is invisible at home. Her parents barely speak to her or show any affection, so Tessa seeks affection from men.

It’s the summer going into Tessa’s junior year of college. Instead of going home for the summer, she stays in her small college town with her best friend and roommate, Piper. To make money, Tessa and Piper waitress at a local bar and grill. It’s a hotspot for college kids and a few townies.

On her first night working after a depressing visit with her parents, she meets Jaxon Wyatt. Jaxon just transferred to Eastern for his senior year of college to be closer to his brother. He is mysterious and badass, exactly what Tessa wants, but is trying to stay away from.

After a night of wild partying, Tessa is looking to get lost in Jaxon. Their attraction is undeniable, but Jaxon wants more. Jaxon and Tessa become closer, but he is hiding a secret. A secret that could break the bond he and Tessa share.

What will happen when Tessa finds out that Jaxon isn’t who he claims to be? Can Tessa continue a relationship with someone who supports everything she’s against, or does Jaxon have one more secret up his sleeve?
I was given this book for an honest review (unedited version)…..

Let me just tell you that you will FALL in love with the main hero, Jaxon and find him just loveable. It is hard to balance work and love but in the end love will conquer all and your work will be understood.

Tessa did have major issues bit for good reasons and I am happy to say she had a back bone and stuck to her beliefs regardless of the heartache she suffered.

I would to warn you that the sex scenes are “I need to try that” worthy. Justine did not let me down but I was a fan from when I first read about my “book husband, Sebastian”. I can not wait until book 2 because there I will get Ryan and Piper story and more on Tessa and Jaxon.
“Why are you stopping?” I pant.
“We’re not doing this,” he says huskily. The sound of his voice throws me off. I look his body over, again, and realize I was wrong. His eyes are hooded and intense, his breathing uneven, and his large friend in his pants is still saluting me.

Maybe he’s not as in control as I thought.

“Not here, not in the back of my truck, Tessa.”

Knowing I only have a few seconds to change his mind, I grab his shirt and pull him on top of me again. He let’s me, but I can tell he is going to resist my actions. I do the only thing I know that will change his mind, and surprisingly, it feels right saying it.

I bring my lips to his and whisper, “Make love to me, Jaxon. Right here. Right now. Take my body and make it yours. I want you to own me.”
What is a turn off for you in a RELATIONSHIP?
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  • yvonne says:

    A turn off for me in a relationship is bad breath. I can't stand it. I hate it when guys don't realize it, it's okay after you eat something and you have the after taste, but constantly having bad breath is a no no for me.