2020 Great Escapes

Reading by the Book Goodreads Reviews

A Date with a Foodie
really liked it

The love of food can go a long way. It bring people together and allow them to remember a time in their life when everything was fun and easy.That is what Maddy love for food and the education she taught James in college was. A safe pl…

The Girl Next Door
liked it

CuteAlthough I enjoyed the fun ness of Kai and Ivy, I expected more development of their story. The chase was good but built on a lie that never gave the umph and HEA I was looking for.

Fearless: A Salvation Society Novel
really liked it

GrowthI couldn’t wait until Austin got his book. I truly enjoyed the growth of him as a character. I wanted more of his outlook on the past and Chelle delivered. He was cocky but humble. He appreciated the guidance and love from not on…

Risking It All
it was amazing

I loved everything about Merrick and Alejandro story. The doubt, the fear, the love, and the energy.I was so in shock when Isabel released a teaser for this book. I wanted to know his story SO bad from his almost slip with Elijah but …

The Anti-Boyfriend
it was amazing
Deacon and Carys were two peas in a pod. Connecting on a level of friendship and similar past. Forget who they became talking buddies and then more because if the walls are small, thing will be heard. Simple as that. However what did gra…
Penthouse Prince
really liked it

SupermanGive me Superman Lexington anytime. Boy did he steal my heart from page one. That one phone call and nothing mattered. Business, house, buddies, NOTHING. That is what drew me in the most. He made a vow and stuck to it. Him and …

The Billionaire's Kiss
really liked it
Sometimes an escape from you life is what is needed. For Juliette going to a place she never been and that was very low key not only helped her emotionally but mentally as well. The escape was good for her soul and proved good for her he…
Backup Plan
really liked it
Okay, I may enjoy this spin off series of Rory’s family. Chloe was fun and quirky is so many was that made per personality contagious. The chemistry for her and Sam was there but the road blocks and hesitation played a factor that made i…
Forever Saved
really liked it

At First SightI enjoyed my journey back to Keeneston with Stella and Jace. I laughed so hard at the Kale joke because hey, it was priceless. Trust me it is not the only comic relief in the masterpiece by Kathleen. It is just the one I …

Dom: Silver Saints MC
really liked it

Biker JailOkay, I’ll bite. This story was funny to me. The way Dom acted was pure sweet revenge on the teasing he did to Link. I would have wanted more girl interaction and how Pinkie and Diamond got along. I can feel their bond being …



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