April’s Reads With Reviews

Reckless by Adriana Locke: Released April 26th

Available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

“How did you get in here?”

That’s not what you want to hear when you’re staring into the sea-green eyes of the hottest man you’ve ever seen. Yet I suppose it’s a fair question, considering I’m an uninvited stranger standing in Boone Mason’s kitchen.

If you think that’s bad—just wait. It gets worse.

This charming and wealthy playboy, who can’t pay his bills on time or find his way to the grocery store (but we all have flaws, right?), is sweet. Confident. Playful. He’s almost perfect. And, to make matters worse …

He’s smitten with me.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re rolling your eyes. You’re assuming this is some opposites attract situation—or that maybe we can be friends who turn into something more.

How can this be a bad thing?

Well, it’s simple. I’m not the kind of girl you fall in love with. Just to be sure, the universe reminds me of that in an unforgettable, in-your-face kind of way.

I might have broken into Boone’s house, but I won’t let him break my heart. I won’t break his either. There’s too much on the line to be that reckless.

RECKLESS is a standalone romance filled with lots of heart and heat.

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Not Pretending Anymore by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward: Released April 10th

Available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

Finding a good roommate through a classified ad isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I was starting to lose hope.

Until a knock at my door came and God answered my prayers.

Except…uh…wrong prayer, God.

I’d definitely requested the big guy find me a drop-dead gorgeous man on more than one occasion…just not as my roommate.

Declan Tate talked me into interviewing him anyway.

While he was amusing and charismatic, I wouldn’t have been comfortable living with a man, so I regretfully declined.

Then cupcakes showed up at my door—freshly baked by Declan and just as sinfully delicious as he was.

You could say he was persistent.

I eventually folded. It wasn’t like I had another viable candidate anyway.

Plus, I was interested in someone else. And Declan was into another woman. So it wasn’t like anything would happen romantically.

After he moved in, the two of us became the best of friends. We even started to give each other advice on getting our crushes to notice us.

Eventually, Declan concocted an idea: we should pretend to be a couple to make our love interests jealous.

I was hesitant, but went along with it anyway. To my utter shock, his crazy plan worked.

Now I was dating the supposed man of my dreams, and my best friend had the woman of his.

But there was one problem.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Declan.

Those feelings we were trying to fake?

Yeah…I wasn’t pretending anymore.

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Autumn Rolls A Seven by Jasinda Wilder: Released March 24th

Available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, Google

Autumn Scott is the second woman at Six Chicks Real Estate to fall victim to The Ad: “Beautiful, successful single woman in search of a wealthy, handsome man to help her get pregnant the old-fashioned way. Financial validation a must. Serious inquiries only. DM for more info.”

Problem number one? It works, a little too well, one could argue.

Problem number two? Autumn has a dark, tragic past keeping her from trusting men at all, let alone wanting a baby with one.

Problem number three? Seven St. John doesn’t take no for an answer, in the sexiest possible way.


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Lizzy Goes Brain Over Braun by Jasinda Wilder: Released January 7th

Available on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Google

It was just supposed to be just a 40th birthday prank for our boss after a wild night of girlfriends, laughter, and a LOT of margaritas.

When we placed the ad in the newspaper, we never thought anyone would actually answer it.

We also didn’t think that Laurel would be so brainless as to put Lizzy’s actual phone number in the ad…

“Beautiful, successful single woman, 40, seeks attractive male billionaire to impregnate her the old-fashioned way. No strings. NOT seeking sugar daddy. Validation required. Serious inquiries only, please.”

What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

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Mine For Twelve Weeks by Jeannette Winters: Released April 1st

Available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

Jasper Florraz

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and laying your life down for a cause. Leading a third world country out of poverty is difficult enough but fighting those who value money over morality is outright dangerous.

My one mistake is hiring Alysa LaHouse as everything was about to go down. Not only do I find her gorgeous blue eyes distracting, but she’s drawing unwanted attention from my enemies. If they figure out Alysa is more than just my economic advisor, then her life will be in danger too.

I can’t protect everyone and there are tough decisions to be made. There is no way I can take Alysa out of the equation. Loving her is easy, letting her go impossible, but keeping her safe has become my top priority.

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Ember by Chelle Bliss: Releasing April 20th

Available on Amazon, Google, B&N, iBooks, Kobo


Rocco Caldo is tall, dark, and handsome, but not interested in love. Loyal to a fault, he can’t turn away an old friend in need or a beautiful woman on the run…especially when they have unfinished business.

Rebel Bishop is a single mom, looking for shelter, not a handout. But when her path crosses with an old flame, they uncover an ember of passion that’s been smoldering inside them both for over a decade.

Can they move beyond their tragic pasts, allowing the flame to burn bright into their future?

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Sporting by Kylie Gilmore: Releasing April 6th

Available in Amazon, B&N, Google, iBooks, Kobo

A surprise road trip with her best friend’s brother!

After accidentally dinging a brand-new car, I’m suddenly face-to-face with an angry alpha male. And the sparks are flying.

Wait. Eli Robinson?

How’s it possible the irritating younger brother of my best friend has morphed into this gorgeous swaggering man?

I can’t let myself be tempted. Eli is off-limits. My best friend, his sister who helped raise him, makes sure I know it.

Except the more I get to know him, the more difficult it is to stay away. This can only end badly. No relationship is worth losing my best friend.

And then he kidnaps me.

Once upon a time, Jenna Larsen was my teenaged dream girl, and I mean that in the dirtiest way possible. Now that we’re adults, I discovered she’s even better than I dreamed. So I take her on a surprise trip to get away from judging eyes. An extended date of sorts. Fine. I kidnapped her.

I only hope she stops being mad long enough to give us a chance.

This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happy-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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Just On Night by Carly Phillips: Releasing April 20th

Available on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Google

She’s the woman he can’t live without.

The one he can’t risk screwing up their relationship by sleeping with her.

Linc Kingston doesn’t accept anything less than perfection. Not in his billion-dollar business or in his personal life. He has it all. Except one thing. His personal assistant and best friend in his bed, moaning his name. No matter how much Linc wants her, she’s completely off-limits.

Jordan Greene grew up the daughter of the housekeeper at the Kingston estate, where she met and bonded with Linc at a young age, despite their economic differences. But no matter how close they are now or how much their attraction simmers beneath the surface, they’re still from two different worlds. Besides, Jordan isn’t about to risk losing her best friend for one sensual night.

Jordan might be the only woman who can handle Linc and his domineering, bossy attitude, but beneath that gruff exterior is a vulnerable man who, despite his wealth, has had a less-than-charmed life. And when Linc’s father dies, she’s there for him—unwavering in her friendship.

Until one night of passion and a positive pregnancy test changes everything.



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