Wrong Side by HJ Bellus Release Blitz With Review

Wrong Side: An Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance by HJ Bellus is available now!

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Everyone knows the Bad Boys of Penwood University dominate campus life with their power to make or break anyone they want. Sadie Alexander never thought she’d end up on their radar. All she wanted was to escape her childhood, and Penwood was her ticket to a new life. But Theo Hudson, the number one Bad Boy and all-star football player, makes it clear he has his sights set on her.

She’d heard the stories, knew the warnings, yet Theo makes it impossible for her to run the other way. The harder she fights to keep her distance, the more determined he becomes to have her. But Sadie isn’t willing to risk everything she has worked so hard to achieve for a guy with a reputation.

The deeper Theo manages to slip into her life, the tighter Sadie gets wrapped up in the unraveling secrets around her.

In the end, Sadie is forced to answer one question…was he worth it?

One-Click: https://amzn.to/3w4tFyl Goodreads:https://bit.ly/WrongSideGoodreads Bookbub: https://bit.ly/WrongSideBookBub



  Welcome THE HELL back HJ Bellus…   Many claim to be the “Queen of Angst” and from their reader following that may have earned that title. I am just going to sit this here, HJ BELLUS is the “Queen of Emotional Damage”… I said what I said and if you know you know. I assumed my heart was healed from her last release, you know the greatness of Rumors… I played myself because the feeling of “oh no”, “why would someone”, “they need to be below hell” came back like it never left.   Sadie and Theo story may be considered the most, broken healing of her releases. How can two people from opposite sides wealth be the same in past hearts. Escaping from the chains holding them from being free and live the life meant for them. Caring the burden of other people sins because it directly effect their mind, body, and soul. Heidi, showcased how finding your person will make the voices quieter. Having a person in your corner who love you, and encourage you to be the butterfly and not a hidden caterpillar is most needed at times. Being a friend and ready to tear out the soul of anyone who is out to harm them is welcomed. Doing what you normally don’t because they allow you to forget everyone else around you is pure LOVE. I am a strong believer of a family is not all about blood but those who have your 6, 12, 3, 9 and all in between. Blood relatives maybe in that crew but know, all can’t be saved and that is okay. We love you inspite of and we will break bread when your demons are controlled by you. Wrong Side was worth the wait because Theo said, “Nope only one person and that’s me.”  

MEET THE AUTHOR HJ Bellus is a small town girl who loves the art of storytelling. When not making readers laugh or cry, she’s a part-time livestock wrangler that can be found in the middle of Idaho, shot gunning a beer while listening to some Miranda Lambert on her Beats and rocking out in her boots.

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