1 Year Blogiversary Guest Post by Alannah Lynne

First anniversaries are wonderfully exciting, momentous occasions meant to be celebrated in style, as is evidenced by this awesome celebration for Reading By the Book. However, you couldn’t prove that by me.
My first marriage didn’t make it to the first anniversary (that’s another story for another day. LOL), and on the first anniversary of my second marriage, I was as big as a barn, four days away from the due date of our second child (I had a son from a previous marriage), which meant not only did we NOT go on a romantic getaway to celebrate, we didn’t even leave the house.
We recently moved so I don’t know where all of my pictures are, otherwise I would share the “official” anniversary photo my husband took of me. I was dressed to the nines *rolls eyes* in a pair of his old high school sweatpants (because at that point, I couldn’t fit into anything else), a giant oversized T-shirt, my hair pulled up in a ponytail because I couldn’t handle the stress of trying to “fix” it, and absolutely no make-up. Of course, he had to take the pictures from a side angle, because “someday I’d think it was cool to look back and see how I looked on our anniversary, right before having the baby.”
(Or hey… I might be able to use that photo as inspiration to help a wonderful lady celebrate her anniversary! :-D)
Another fun element of that photo is the background image. We’ve always been huge NASCAR fans, and even considered going to the Pocono race for our honeymoon (The Poconos are known for romance, right?). However, it would’ve been a logistical nightmare to get there in time for the race, since it was the day after our wedding, so we skipped the race and went to St. Thomas (hooray for logistical nightmares!).
The next year, the day of our first anniversary, they were racing at Pocono again. Hubs positioned my big ‘ole belly right at the edge of the television, so the race would be playing in the background and we could show our son or daughter how we spent our first anniversary, and we’d have a reminder for how we almost spent our honeymoon.
We’ve often joked about how uneventful our first anniversary was, but as I typed this story to share with you, I’ve realized that while we may not have celebrated in the traditional ways (I completely forgot to pull out the top layer of our wedding cake to eat), it was still a special, magical day. And Hubs was right (as he usually is). I’m so glad he took that photo!! It’ll be 19 years this June 4th and that photo is buried in a box somewhere, but I can see it just as clearly in my mind as the day it was taken.

Thanks for letting me help you celebrate, Mayas! And thanks for helping me unbury a hidden treasure from my mind!! Happy Anniversary!!

First 3 Books of the Heat Wave Series in one! 

Book #1 – Savin’ Me 

One step away from the coveted Vice Presidency of her firm, the last thing Kat Owens needs is the distraction of a man. Her client, Erik Monteague, disagrees. He’s charming, sexy, seductive, and impossible to ignore or refuse. After succumbing to his advances, Kat’s forced to choose between her career and the man she’s fallen for… while knowing even her love might not be enough to save him from self-destructing. 

While Erik’s perfectly executed seduction gets Kat into his bed, the end result is more than he bargained for. Having spent the past ten years wallowing in guilt and self-loathing over his fiancée’s tragic death, falling in love is unacceptable. However, Kat’s passionate, loving nature dissolves the carefully constructed walls guarding his heart, forcing him to face his tragic past and make a decision… spend the rest of his life running, or risk being devastated by love again? 

Book #2 – Last Call 

Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all. His corporate climb has positioned him as the next CEO at Holden Enterprises. He’s financially stable, allowing him to provide for the grandfather who raised him, and his successful seduction of the sexy bartender last night proves his private life is also on fire. Until the alluring woman in his arms turns out to be a serious road-block to his future. One that could bring everything he’s worked for crashing down around him. 

Sunny Black has spent her entire life tending to the needs of others, caring for her younger brother since she was ten, and serving bar patrons night after night. For the first time in years, she thinks of herself and gives in to her body’s demands, taking a trip to the wild side with a customer whose raw sexuality is too strong to deny. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might cause it to crumble. 

A game of sexual seduction and corporate chess ensues, with neither Gavin nor Sunny realizing the ending could come in the form of a permanent check-mate. 

Book #3 – Crossing Lines (featuring Kevin Mazze from Savin’ Me) 

The world’s best-stocked toy drawer can only take a gal so far. Bored with her current assortment of vibrating, plastic pieces, building inspector Sam Wallace decides to add a new sex toy to her collection: Kevin Mazze. The sexy Italian is more than happy to help her live out her long-held sexual fantasies, and trusting him with her body is easy. Trusting him with her heart, however, is not… especially when he commits an unforgivable sin. 

Myrtle Beach developer Kevin Mazze is one of the good guys. He’s spent his life always doing the right things and making those around him happy. When he meets the woman of his dreams, at the worst possible time, he finds himself making bad choices in the name of good and crossing lines he never thought he would… while praying she never finds out.

Comment on the post with an erotic food for a chance to win am ecopy of the box set of Alannah, Heat Wave Series (insider for Alannah)


  • Amy E. says:

    I would say ice cream is kind of erotic. 🙂

  • Vida B says:

    Happy Anniversary & Blogiversary to you and Reading By The Book. I believe that all food can be erotic if you're with the right partner. Thank you for the story it was beautiful…:)

  • Angela Love says:

    Everyone says Oysters are erotic…… I say Yuck!!!! I'm going with fruit….. Strawberries Whip cream chocolate syrup!!!!! hello imagine the fun to be had…… 😉

    Congrats Mayas and Reading By the Book on your 1yr Blogiversary!!!!