1 Year Blogiversary post by Gina Watson

Mayas asked me to write a story about my most memorable one year anniversary. I decided to write a story about a divorsary. I just recently celebrated one with a friend of mine and thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Divorsary: The anniversary of a divorce becoming final.

“Are you freaking kidding me, we don’t even have a designated driver.”

Tiffany poured the last drop of red wine in her glass. “Country Club’s only a few miles down the road, I’m fine.”

“I’m not getting into a car if your drunk ass is behind the wheel.”

Shana rolled her eyes more elaborately than usual. “Well I say we call Lizzy. She can be the DD.”

Nina’s face contorted, looking as if she’d tasted something rotten and Tiffany pursed her lips together.

“What?” Shana asked.

“I’m still mad at that heifer for not calling me to let me know that she and Ryan went out with Tim and his new fiancée.”

Tim was Tiffany’s ex-­‐husband. When they’d split, Lizzy had chosen team Tim over team Tiffany. A decision that had pretty much alienated her from their social group. They’d yet to make nice and the group consensus was that Lizzy had come to regret her decision.

“That bitch can suck my ass.” Shana could always be counted on to paint quite an image using only her words. “Besides, we’re here to celebrate your one year divorsary and your new home. Let’s get you unpacked.”

Nina held up her glass, “Cheers.”

Tiffany’s new house was Southern Antebellum style with rich colors and woods. Potted plants hung from the eaves of a lovely little wraparound porch earmarked for future girl night get-­‐togethers. There were boxes with the word books printed in marker peppered around the living room floor.

“I have a great idea for a drinking game,” Nina said as she popped the corked on a new bottle.

“Let’s hear it.”

“For every book that you unpack that begins with the letter of your first name you take a shot of tequila and shout I love big cocks.” Shana ripped the lid off her first box and said, “I’m on it.” Nina pulled a bottle of

Patron from beneath the kitchen counter.

Tiffany held up To Kill a Mockingbird and said, “I love big cocks, where’s my shot?”

Shana followed with Sense and Sensibility.

A cellular phone buzzed in the air. “Is that mine?”

Nina picked up one of three phones on the countertop. “It’s Lizzy on Tiffany’s.”

Tiffany reached for it, “I wonder what she wants.”

“Answer it,” Nina and Shana voiced in unison.

Tiffany slid her finger across the phone.


“I’m good, how have you been?”

“Mmm-­‐hmm. I’m here with Shana and Nina, we’re unpacking and drinking, not in that order.”

“No we haven’t been productive at all.”

“Can we use another hand?” Her brow rose at Shana and Nina who both mouthed DD. Then Nina mimed eating a bowl of soup.

“Yeah I think we could use your help.”
They all piled into Lizzy’s new Audi A6 convertible and made their way down the road to the Oak Forrest Country Club.

Shana was a chiropractor and owned her own practice. Nina was a lawyer. Tiffany, rich from family money, was a teacher by trade, but hadn’t worked as one for years. Instead she worked as a counselor at Catholic Charities, a service she herself had found much value in during her divorce.

Lizzy, who was a highly successful real estate agent, pulled her Audi A6 convertible into a slot and placed the car in park. They all bailed out, Tiffany and Nina stumbling over their own feet and Shana reciting hip hop lyrics that would make a death row inmate blush.

“I can’t believe you listen to gangster rap.”

“It’s not gangster rap it’s hip-­‐hop.”

“It’s degrading to women.” Lizzy’s head shook in disgrace.

“It’s a form of expression.” They walked as Shana spoke the lyrics:

But man I ain’t ever seen a ass like hers

That pussy in my mouth had me lost for words

I told her back it up like urp urp

Make that ass jump like jurp jurp

And that’s when she . . .

She she she lick me like a lollipop, oh yeah I like that

The girls laughed and carried on while someone exited a Chevrolet Silverado truck. When he came into the light Shana choked on the lyrics. The man was probably in his early to mid twenties with tight gray slacks and a lavender colored dress shirt. His attire was snug and hugged every muscle of his rippling body. His face was chiseled and when Shana said, “Well look at you,” he displayed a panty-­‐dropping smile that exposed beautiful pearly white teeth and a deep throaty chuckle.


“Oh my, look what big arms you have.” Shana squeezed the length of his upper arm, testing his size.

“Jesus Shana.” Nina hissed. “Pull her off of him or she’ll molest him in the parking lot and use us as witnesses.” 

“She’s rubbing up next to him like a cat in heat.”

“To be fair, he doesn’t seem to mind at all.”

Lizzy looped her arm through Shana’s left, while Tiffany looped through the right.

“Come along Mrs. Robinson.”

The hot guy offered them all one of his spectacular smiles and then he moved to walk in front of them and they were almost unsuccessful at holding Shana back. His ass was so full and perky in the tight gray slacks he wore she couldn’t help but moan aloud. “God I could eat him up with a knife and fork.”

“Down girl.”

“I want to bite into his ass like it’s an apple.”

“That’s an image I wish I could shake from my mind. Will you please shut up.”

Before he jogged up the steps to the club restaurant he turned and winked at the pack of women.

“Holy fuck, he just winked at me.” Shana was getting excited just imagining all the possible ways he could delight her.

“How do you know he was winking at you, he could have been winking at me.”

Tiffany was seriously contemplating the intent of his wink.

“Because I’m the one who was touching his bicep. He’s flirting.”

“No, I think that wink was intended for me.”

“I think that wink was intended for whoever will act on it. We both know that’s me.”

“Ladies,” Nina intervened, “We’re here to have a nice dinner and drink more wine.

Let’s get to it.”

They entered the restaurant and were escorted to Tiffany’s regular table next to the patio windows.

“Shit! I left my phone in the car. Can I have your keys,” Shana asked Lizzy and the keys were tossed at her.

Shana backed away from the table and noticed that on the other side of the patio window sat the hot guy from the parking lot. They made eye contact and he nodded. “If the waiter comes I would like a Cab Sav.”

She walked out to the parking lot, unlocked the door and leaned into the white convertible to retrieve her phone. She closed the door and righted herself turning into the face of the handsome stranger.

They stood, frozen, sizing up one another. She knew she had to be ten years older. He looked all of twenty five, but the thought of all that vigor and vitality had that spot between her legs tingling in anticipation. “You followed me out here.”

“I did. You wanted me to.” He shrugged. His voice was low and raspy. His cockiness just added to his overall allure. They walked in silence but not back the way they came. They passed the pool house and made their way to the gardens. A few lights peppered here and there provided shadows. He pulled a fading yellow hibiscus flower from a vine and placed it behind her ear. His fingers against the skin of her ear sent shivers down her arm. He trapped her against the wall of the greenhouse and his lips descended on hers. Warm thick and masterful lips. Wicked lips. Delicious lips. He massaged until she opened her mouth on a moan and his tongue slid in. He sucked and tasted her with the skill of a much older man. She moaned and his hands slid into her hair, disturbing the semi updo she’d done. She didn’t care. His whiskered skin abraded hers as he explored her mouth fully.

When he pulled away he wore her lipstick. She bit her bottom lip to keep a deep sigh from escaping. She wanted more and from the smoldering look in his eyes, so did he. His hands slid up the skirt of her dress and cupped her ass—skin on skin since she wore a thong. His breathing deepened and his opened lips released a gasp.

He hitched her leg around his waist and then did something she’d always wanted but had never been the recipient of—he ripped her thong from her body, placing the panties deep into his pocket. His fingers explored her wetness, sliding between her feminine folds. As he did, his teeth grazed her neck. He whispered breathily into her ear, “You’re one beautiful, sexy woman.”

Her hand cupped his erection. Glory be to God, he was hung like a bull. She bit her lip again to keep from crying out but it just couldn’t be contained and he chuckled at her appreciation of his cock. “You like?”

She smiled, her bottom lip still between her teeth, she nodded. Her hands made quick work of his belt and the hardware on his pants. Soon she was sliding the flat of her hand against the flat muscles of his abdomen and down into his shorts. She grasped his heat in her hand and closed her eyes.

She didn’t recognize the deep sounds escaping her throat but she no longer cared that she sounded more like an animal than a woman. His breath in her ear was making her body move in ways it never had before. “Do you want my cock inside you?”

“God yes!”

He pulled a condom from his pocket and ripped it open using his teeth. She watched him roll it on then he said, “Guide me.”

Her hand wrapped around him and she slid his erection between her wetness then aligned him at her entrance. She’d never taken someone so big. She’d fantasized about it but never experienced it. When he pushed in he let out a gasp.

“God you’re so fucking tight. Feels so good.” She felt her skin stretching around him, uncomfortable at first but he knew how to use what God had blessed him with. Soon she was lost in the hypnotic thrusting of his hips and the repeated passing of his cock on her g-­‐spot. His hand kneaded her breast and he squeezed her nipple hard through the fabric of her dress. His mouth descended on hers.

This time he kissed her like it would be his last kiss before he was to be executed. His powerful suction bruised her lips and she couldn’t breathe for almost a minute as he sucked the oxygen right out of her. She didn’t care if she were to suffocate right there in his arms with his cocked plunged to the hilt inside of her. It would be the best death in all of history.

Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore he stopped and wrapped her other leg around his waist so that he and the wall at her back supported all of her weight. His hands cupped and then kneaded her ass. The angle had him as deep as possible and when he started thrusting she felt the telltale knot form low and deep inside of her.

His eyes on her said he felt it too and his pace picked up. She’d never been fucked like this before. This was a marathon with an Olympian. His sole purpose to fuck hard and thorough. He repeatedly rammed into her and she cried out her orgasm into the night. Then he thrust upward into her and stilled. She felt him grow even larger as he came, his eyes narrowed to slits but his gaze remained intently on her. It was exposing and she couldn’t remember a time a man hadn’t closed his eyes during orgasm. His deep agonizing manly groans sent shivers down her spine.

They stayed like that for several minutes as they regained their ability to breathe easily. Eventually he rested his forehead on hers. “By the way, my name’s Jake, what’s yours?”


“Shana.” Her named curled around his lips and tongue and she wanted to hear him shout it out during his orgasm, but she knew this was a one-­‐time event and she smiled.

“Well I guess I better get back before they send out a search party.”

He laughed, deep and throaty. “Shana, I’ll remember this moment with extreme fondness as long as I live.” He didn’t move a hair. He just stared down into her eyes. Finally, he kissed her brow, her eyes, her nose, and placed one chaste kiss to the corner of her mouth. Shana. So beautiful.”

God he was some kind of Casanova. She moved to slide from beneath him and smiled. He still held her firm. “I have to go.” Reluctantly he pulled from her and smoothed down her skirt. “I don’t want to, but

I’ll let you go.”

She walked away on unsteady legs and a huge stupid smile on her face. She sauntered into the restaurant and over to the table where her friends sat. She slid into her chair and placed her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her linked hands, the smile still profound on her face.

Lizzy, Nina, and Tiffany all eyed her curiously.

“What the fuck happened to you?”

What the fuck indeed, she thought.

“Why is your hair all messed up?”

Confused Tiffany asked, “You went out to the garden and pulled a flower?”

“Why are you smiling like you just …”

She saw something shift in the window and turned to see Jake taking his seat. He nodded at her and smiled, a smile equally as telling, his hair still disheveled from her fingers. The heat bloomed across her face.

“Holy shit.”

“You fucking slutbasket.”

“Hey, it’s my divorsary. I should be the one having sex with the hot guy out by the garden.

Shana pulled the flower from her hair and passed it to Tiffany. “New game: If you have the flower, you have to fuck a random hot guy. Go.”

The girls laughed and ate with every intention of pressing the flower into a frame and passing it among themselves from year-­‐to-­‐year.

A Louisiana fireman, Clay liked his hoses bound tight and his women bound tighter.

He’d not had a traditional relationship in years and was positive he’d found the answer to all his needs and desires: The Hoodoo Pot, Baton Rouge’s elite members only sex and bondage club.
Eve Ivey had escaped the clutches of her evil ex, but still she constantly looked over her shoulder. That is, until she met Clay. At six feet five, he was a king among men. She’d certainly like to be his queen.
He’d rescued her from a hurricane’s lashing winds and rising water, but his first mistake was in bringing her home. Yet she’d had nowhere to go. A bigger mistake would have been not going back for her.
And now neither of them wanted her to leave. The only thing to do was let the storm rage outside while they focused on the personal storm raging between their bodies.
A storm that was advancing on their hearts.
For a chance to win a copy of Sizzle and the Box set of the other brother please comment about a pack you would make with your friends.


  • Angela Love says:

    Ha!!! That was awesome….. If I had friends I would Make a pact….. but I'm one of those girls who refuses to have close friends because they tend to stab you in the back and I have scars to prove it true time and time again…..

    thank you for sharing because That was freaking Awesome!!!!

    Happy Blogiversary to Mayas and the Reading By the Book!!!!!!

  • Vida B says:

    Really truly enjoyed this story and think it will make a excellent book/series. The pact that me and my friends would make is once a month we hang out and the first person to curse must drink. As you figured out we all have a potty mouth.