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I had the honor of speaking with Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey last week in honor of the debut of my new blog, Reading by the Book. In this interview readers will get “the skinny” on the dynamic duo as well as information on their series, Countermeasure. I will also be giving away some swag and a free eBook copy of Countermeasure.

How did the two of you meet?

Chris: Cecilia and I met when I joined a role playing group back in September 2010. The role was dear to my heart because the character was a total geek. We became instantly “mated” because the characters we played were a couple.

Cecilia: Chris was the only one brave enough to take the role. Five guys quit before we even started and we “clicked” from first text….LOL

How did the Countermeasure Series come to be?

Chris: One night I had a vivid dream. It was the scene that became the prologue in Countermeasure. The story we could give the story a spin on RP and began playing the characters in RP. The name Trevor came from the real name of a model I used for my old character, but Cecilia came up with Cassandra.

Cecilia: The name Cassandra was the name of my Vampire wars Avatar. I love that name.

Since being a fan on FB I know music is an inspiration for writing scenes (especially steamy ones), are there any author that has inspired your working ethics as well?

Chris: The one person who inspires me to write and follow my dream independent of how quirky it might come out is my father. He was a poet, writer and had the wickedest humor. Very dirty jokes too. My mother has all his many books of poetry and all my early attempts at writing when I was young.

Cecilia: This may sound cliché. I admire a hell of a lot of my authors but none has inspired me as much as my partner in crime, Chris. From the day we started writing together. Yes and Chris has inherited his father’s wicked humor and dirty jokes.

What characters give you the hardest time when writing a scene for them?

Surprising none of the characters has given us a hard time, per se.  We do live vicariously through them and experience each emotional rollercoaster to the fullest, that way heart-wrenching scenes become hard on us. But then we balance that with a good love scene ;).

What inspired the spin-off series to Countermeasure, The A.W.E. Crew?

A new character that will be introduced in Alternate Connections. As soon as he appeared on the scene he and his entire Special Ops crew began ranting and demanding their own stories. When a machine gun is pointed in your direction, all you can do is put your hands up and do as they demand. Since Chris and I agreed to their demands, the women in that series have also chimed in. They are making a racket and driving us nuts.

We never give specific dates because we hate missing deadlines and disappointing readers. With that said, we are shooting for 3rd quarter 2013. As we get closer to release, we will announce specific dates.

Before being Indie writers you published two novellas. Will you ever build from those and make them into a novel?  

Those two stories hold a special place in our hearts. We do have future plans to rewrite the short novellas into something more solid. At this time, we are still not sure whether they will be novellas or novel length.

Being that the Countermeasure Series seems like real life events, if offered a television series or movie deal in years to come would you accept?

Hell, yes. We would love to see our stories on the big or small screen.

Well there you have it everyone; I would like to thank Chris and Cecilia for their time. I know “US” fans would like to see them hard at work on the next book, which is Alternate Connections by the way. The first book, Countermeasure is .99 for a limited time and the prequel, Uncharted, is FREE. Their books are available in eBooks, print, and some in audio format.  The buy link is provided below.
As promised leave a comment below from now until Thursday and you will be entered to win swag and a copy of Countermeasure.
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    Thank you ladies for all your support. I ♥ the series and it's fans.

  • Mayas, it is always great talking with you. Cheers, Ceci

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    Great blog and an awesome start! I love the Countermeasure Series and enjoyed reading this spotlight! Thanks.

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    I LOVE the Countermeasure Series!!!! Chris and Cecilia are such amazing friends and authors! Thank you guys for coming and chatting with us! And Mayas the site is looking great! This excites me!!!

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  • Mayas Sanders says:

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