Relentless Pursuit by Kathleen Brooks

Hilariously Breath-taking……
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If you have not read a book by Kathleen Brooks then you are missing out on a wonderful funfilled adventure. I just finished the new release, Relentless Pursuit, book 4 in her Bluegrass Brothers Series and it was AWESOME.

Pierce Davies, the youngest of the breathtaking Davies brothers woke up a murderer. He had no recollection of the events because of a head injury. Tammy, the woman who has been loving him for 2 years while he ignored her, she was his only hope and help besides family. She worked hard to prove her love innocents and made him work even harder to apologize for overlooking her. While putting her life on the line to lure in the real murderers they grew closer and poor “wet behind the ears” Pierce fell hard in love and fast.

In this book Kathleen not only had my mind racing but kept tears in my eyes from laughter. Although new characters that were introduced have me intrigued, I can’t help but to be drawn the the ones that are still a mystery. The ending did me in because I was so not expecting the return of his lost night to reveal that information.  Yes, I will leave you guessing……

Soif you love “ah ha” moments, sibling banter, bad ass sercurity team, nosey townsman, family togetherness, a good drink, fairy godmothers, and jealous Belles this is the book to read.I have to caution you, tisuue and a bathroom near is required. Great job Kathleen I give this book 5♡’s.

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  • Kimberly Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing this Mayas! Even more books to add to my list! *sigh* Not enough time in the day!