Kill Shot by Liliana Hart

Grace Meredith is the CIA’s most deadly assassin. Gabe Brennan was one of the most brilliant black ops agent the CIA had ever employed. Well the secret of love and family cost them both everything, their daughter.

For the past two years Grace only mission was to seek revenge for her daughter’s death and leave feelings out completely. Ha, no luck because Gabe wanted answers but he also wanted his wife in which he never gave up hope on. When a mission calls for a sharp shooting assassin, Gabe hunts her down for recruitment to his team, The Collective. She agrees but with one request, he helps her get to the man that ordered their daughter’s death so she can repay him his death. They got to kill two birds with one stone when the hunted turns out to be involved in the events from two years ago as well.

Gabe and Grace had an attraction like no other towards each other and the adrenaline of killing and outsmart the bad guys only fueled that fire. I was drawn in from the first sparring match in the bedroom of the man Grace was going to kill for the bounty. When the first chapter is red hot and full of action you can pretty much bet the rest will follow, in Liliana’s case. This book gave me goose bumps and wet panties all in one sitting. “Mistress of Suspense” is what I will rename Liliana Hart because she succeeded and then some.

If you enjoy a book that includes rekindling love, explosions, melting bodies (sexually and literally), cool gadgets, smart mouth geeks, melting buildings, breaking and entering the fun way, and false seduction then here you go. From start to finish and no in between, Kill Shot will have you engrossed for hours and referring it to friends that call to interrupt you. I am so looking forward to Jake’s story to see what he will do once he gets the information in which he needs.

Thank you Liliana for another GREAT book.

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