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People keep asking me why I seem so entranced by superheroes. It’s true that most kids grow up and “mature” past the idea of men in tights and capes leaping off of buildings, but for some weird reason, I never did.

I have a lot of adulty fascinations also. I love fitness, philosophy, religion, history, literature, music and film. Some of these are hobbies so deep and complex that a lot of average people don’t have the time or facility to expend energy swimming through, so why is it that I also wrap a towel around my neck and try to save the day?

Easy. Because its all the same to me. All of those things I listed, as well as the concept of the superhero, come from the same central, consuming theme that pervades every thought.

There is a theory that sums up how our histories and lives play out. It is commonly called the “Great Man” theory. It postulates that history is just a series of biographies of great men. It implies that all of the greatness, and change, and power that the world has seen, comes from man, humanity, the all-powerful mind.

This theory says to me that those sayings you hear when you are a kid, like “you can do anything you put your mind to” or “anything is possible if you just believe,” are absolutely, completely true.

It says to me that inside every single one of us, is the potential to be a “great man” who will change the world, direct the course of history, inspire the millions and make a difference.

It says to me that each one of us has a responsibility to be the best that we can be, to pursue our own perfection, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It says to me, that in my journey to becoming my best self, I must share that wisdom, joy and love with all others around me, that I should express that to them with compassion and kindness and artful expression.

It may be diluted and silly, but to me, the superhero is the archetype of that theory. It is a basic concept, wrapped in beautiful colors and flashy language, that resonates powerfully with children before that the stresses and distractions of the world separate them from it.

A superhero is the best of us, he pushes himself to be stronger than he is, smarter than he is, more enduring than he is, and then sacrifices that perfection for the rest of us.

And this archetype is the exact same story told in history, mythology, literature and film.

It’s the most basic life lesson. It’s my church. It’s my goal. It’s my motivation. Its an instruction manual for growing up and being the best you can be.

So you can all laugh, or judge, or snicker or belittle my S on my chest or my cape. It’s ok. I’m proud of it. I will continue to better myself physically, intellectually and spiritually. I will continue to love and put my life down for my fellow man. I will continue to express these archetypes and stories in my books. And it will be because of my recognition of the importance of superheroes.

And I will cry like a little bitch when Superman saves the day in “Man Of Steel” on June 14.

I love you,
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Here’s an excerpt from FOR A HERO – a naughty one – just for one.

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When David arrived at the apartment, Jenna’s door was left ajar. A twinge of excitement rushed up his spine. He had no idea what to expect. He just thought, ‘please Lord, don’t let her be cooking barbeque.’

He swung the door open.

“Stick ‘em up!”

David stood still. He didn’t know what was going on. “Excuse me?”

Jenna spoke with as fierce and growly a voice as she could. Sadly for her, it came out sounding like a raspy cat that might have had a cold. “I said: STICK ‘EM UP!”

Her voice changed back to sweet, normal Jenna. “Also, could you please close the door and lock it behind you, thanks!” Fierce, sick kitty voice. “Now stick ‘em up!”

David closed the door while fighting a laugh. His baby was wearing a leather vest that covered her boobs, but not much else, and chaps, he thought. But he looked closer at her crotch. “Are you pant-less again?”

“I am Jenna the Kid! The most ruthless, gun-totin’, scoundrel-shootin’, bank robbin’ cowgirl that the wild, wild west has ever seen. And I’ll wear ass-less chaps over my bare bottom if I feel like it! You’re cuttin’ up a fine figure tonight, Mr. Conlon. I am going to need you to hand over your wallet, and your clothes.”

David slowly put his hands in the air. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious! I’m more serious than a bluetick hound in a hydrant garden.”


“I’m new at western expressions, don’t judge. But I’m not new at holdin’ up lily-livered, yella-bellied, sons o’ guns like you. Now take your clothes off!”

David wasn’t sure exactly what he was supposed to do other than what she was telling him to do, but his fire was starting to burn, seeing her body in that tight, little costume. Jenna thought she had the upper hand, but David would turn the tables and enjoy doing it.

Out-gunned, temporarily, by Jenna the Kid, Dirty Dave Conlon began to take his clothes off. Ripples of lust warred with his natural reluctance to give up control.  “As soon as you slip up, Jenna the Kid, I’m going to swipe your six-shooters and wale the tar outta you.” Stark naked, David put his hands up in the air. The muscles of his chest and stomach pulled tight as his arms extended above him. His cock, already hanging very low, began to elongate and stand in response to the attention that Jenna’s eyes were giving it. He saw her notice. He was hoping his dick would distract her just enough for him to strike.

“I don’t slip up so easy, Dirty Dave.” Then she saw his cock. It grew in front of her eyes. “Oh my god.” She almost dropped her gun. He flexed his kegel muscle and his rod jumped up for her. Jenna’s mouth dropped open and she began to lick her lips. David saw an opportunity and took it.

He leaped at her, throwing her gun to the ground. Jenna pushed him away, but not very hard. He didn’t move. She jumped back instead and turned to get some distance between her and her dueler. As she scampered away, David could see her cute, little ass bouncing as her legs moved her across the room. “You’re pretty fast, Dirty Dave. But can you out-wrangle THIS?” Jenna pulled a lariat from a hiding spot behind her and began to swing it in the air, with very poor form. “I’m gonna hog-tie you!”

David stood up tall, making himself as easy a target as possible.

She tossed the loop at him, and he kind of leaned into it, catching the rope with his head. Jenna squealed. “Yeah! Gotcha now!”

She ran to him and pulled the slack up. She started to wrap him in the rope, making coil after coil around his torso. When she had used most of the rope, she held up the end of it, and David could see that she was racking her brain trying to imagine how to tie it. He snickered and she held her toy pop gun up to his chin. “Don’t you laugh at Jenna the Kid.” Then she threw the gun down and starting making the end of the rope into cute little bows like shoelaces. She eventually bunched it up and sat it under her knee as she straddled him. “There’s no use squirming around, Dave. I’ve got ya wrangled. Now time for me to take my prize.” Jenna reached behind her and grabbed for his cock. When her fingers found it, she slowly wrapped them round it and stroked. She rubbed his shaft painfully slow.

“Jenna, touch me faster.”

“No. I tied you up. I get to do just exactly what I want to do with you.”

David growled. Jenna hummed her satisfaction. It wasn’t taking long for her plan to start working. She spread her legs wider. Her ass-less chaps left her pussy exposed save for just the curve of her bottom. As she opened herself, David could feel the heat and moisture emanating from her sex.

His cock answered with a vibrating little tremble. Jenna could feel it in her hand. “Is this what you want?” She rubbed the tip of his dick against her pussy lips, letting her cream coat the sensitive head. 

Just the first inch or so of his member felt the warmth of her pussy but she never pulled it farther in. “Jenna, you’re killing me. Take it all in.”

“You are not being very patient with me. I’m not going to let you feel all of me until you learn to be grateful and respectful.” As she spoke, she felt David’s great strength as he tensed his muscles. She began to understand how easily he could get loose if he really wanted to. Her knee on the rope created a good-enough illusion that he wouldn’t pull at it, she hoped. But then again, she did want him to break his bonds. Jenna held him tighter and squeezed his cock in her hand. She let it slide in front of her pussy and used it to stimulate her clit. She bent his dick forward and moved her body up and down the shaft, so that the ridge of his head plucked at her pearl every time she slid up.

“You’re driving me crazy.”

“When you get there, Cowboy, let me know.” Her challenge was met with a roar from her captor. She smiled and opened her vest. Her breasts fell out, jiggling in front of his face. . Jenna played with her nipples while looking David in the eye. She slid her fingers into her mouth to get them wet and then swirled them around her tit, causing her nipple to bulge with want. Her other hand slid down to her vagina and dipped inside. She slid it out and used the cream to slickly stroke his dick.

“Stop teasing me.” David’s voice was huge and harsh. It was resonant and deep. She could hear the power in the vibrations his voice caused in her chest and stomach.

“Make me.”


Thanks for reading – I will give away a copy of FOR A HERO to one of the commenters – we’ll let Mojo pick.


  • sable hunter says:

    Contact me at for a free book. And thank you.

  • sable hunter says:

    Shabotonay Ridgewya and Kimberly Hill are winners – thank you so much. I'll reply directly to your message.

  • Bertie Welck says:

    Freakin Fantastic, Love it can't wait for the next book in the series. And I know you have a lot more great heroes hiding in that great mind of yours.

  • Judy Harder says:

    Jess, I love your 'essay' on heroes and the 'Great Man' theory. I guess I've always been a sucker for a hero. I grew up on TV Westerns where you could tell the hero by the color of his hat. Today while I generally stay away from overt violence on TV or in movies, I can pretty much buy into anything where there is a hero, to include the superheroes. I don't know if you've seen '24' ever where Kieffer Sutherland plays counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, but he is the epitome of a perfect hero; he manages to save the world in a 24 hour period each season.
    I've read For a Hero and thoroughly enjoyed it. Obviously, David is our cape, white hat, uniformed hero. What makes the story even more special is that Jenna is also a hero, the hero David is in need of to heal his heart and soul. Like the line at the end of the movie "Pretty Woman" that asks what happens after the knight climbs up and rescues the princess. Answer: "She saves him right back"! Thanks for a delicious hero story, Jess.

  • julie says:

    I love superheroes and hot heroes. nice excerpt. wish Jess all the best

  • Kimberly Hill says:

    I love Hero's and I'm very excited to check out this book!

  • Diana says:

    It's always great to know more about you, Jess. You just amaze me! You may be still into super heroes, (which at first made me think that you're still a child at heart) but your outlook in life says differently.
    I've read For A Hero and I loved it!

  • Michelle Gallegos says:

    This exerpt reminded me that it's time to reread For A Hero. I am enjoying your blog visits because each one gives me more insight into you as a man and your writing. Thanks for sharing your talent. Your love scenes have a sense of fun that makes me eager for more.

  • Shabotonay Ridgewya says:

    This excerpt had me wanting to dive deeper into the story.. Love and cant wait to read!