On Her Master's Secret Service by Lexi Blake

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If you are into love, action, spanking, betrayal, redemption, and coming together well this is the book for you. I have been a fan of Lexi Blake’s, Masters and Mercenaries Series, from the beginning. The story of Alex and Eve has always been a mystery, until now.

When two people are just meant to be then there is nothing or anyone that can tear them apart. Alex has never quit calling Eve his wife regardless of signed divorce papers and she has never wanted another to dominate or love her either. There was a past demon and partner betrayal that tore them apart. They never knew that those same people will heal wounds and bring them together. The support of a wayward family that will always have your back is a plus. The strength of your love and sisters can make your nightmare get eaten by gators.

I may be bias but I thought “A Dom is Forever” was my favorite but Alex and Eve stole my heart. I may be saying that about Ian story too but hey, Lexi knows how to twist a girls arm. It may be with spankings, guns, and hot sex but that works for me. I recommend the book better yet check out the entire series so you will not be lost with the characters. Excellent job, Lexi, as always.

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