Heat Wave Series by Alannah Lynne

I have enjoyed reading the Heat Wave box set by Alannah Lynne. I was referred to the author by a fellow reader who shares my love for books and promoting GREAT authors.

The first book in the series, “Savin’ Me” had me on edge and I was on an emotional roller coaster with the Eric and Kat. This book teaches you about moving on and knowing you can’t be what everyone wants you to be. Being yourself is all you can be. Eric struggled with regret of losing his first love because of him not wanting to hurt her. Her passing was beyond his control but he assumed if he handled this differently she would have still been alive. With that he shut himself off from commitment until Kat beat him at his own game.

Kat, after suffering from her hands of her friends back stabbing, moved for a fresh start and found the man of her haunted fantasies. After 13 months of leaving him in his bed she finds herself face to face with him as a client she doesn’t want to get involved with. Her goal is to be the girl her parents want her to be, successful, driven, and high class. Her passion is to be humble, volunteer, and help the world.

While not given up these Eric and Kat fight for what they want, each other, against all odds and obstacles. If you like beating the odds with a little twist and turn “Savin’ Me” is the book to read. You would laugh and get angry all at the same time but in the end you would understand and be craving, MORE.

The second book in the series, “Last Call” will have you fighting to save yourself and the ones you love. Gavin and Sonny were meant to be from first sight. With battling for his inner peace and overcoming the lust of someone he had no interest in, Gavin faced great danger.

Sonny, the laid back bar owner was drawn in by the erotic drink orders (in a negative way), but saw the man behind the scold. With all she can muster up, she finds a three year itch; scratch by a man who wants her everything.

I just have to say Alannah had me at the bar the next morning. The fun of the couple and the sexual tension would have you throwing back a few just to feel like you are there. I love a man who is out to prove himself and make the world a better place. Many of us are blind until that one person gives us eyes to see. That is what Sonny did for Gavin.

The third book in the series,”Crossin Lines” will have you in erotic ecstasy. Let’s just say Kevin provided Samantha with her wildest dreams and in turn they both gave each other the strength to find the end before they self destructed.

When you have a passion and no one supports you after the loss of you father/business partner you climb in a shell and use yourself for comfort. Oh, no Sam none of that when Kevin discovers you are what he needs and he can give you what you desire. First, thing first though get rid of the girl you have no future with. Regardless of the heart break Mr. Fix It.

My toys wanted to come out and play as well. I so felt where Sam was coming from with the drawer of treats and pleasures. Let’s just say, “one is fun, two is better, but the illusion of three maybe four is AWESOME.” I had dreams on top of dreams while reading this book and they all were pleasurable.

I give the Series five stars and am waiting for more releases from the author. Thank you so much Kim for the suggestion.

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  • Kimberly Hill says:

    Great job Mayas! I am so thrilled you loved this series. Alannah is so great!