Inside My World

Hello Everyone,

My journey of blogging came into full swing in 2013, after a conversation with a writing duo who inquired about my long term goals as an avid reader and author promoter. I was like, what the hell, why not. This way, more than just my friends will see what I enjoy and in turn more readers can discover the authors I already enjoyed. In this journey I have met lifetime friends and amazing authors. Visited cities in which I may have never explored if it have not been for my stalking tendencies. Laughter, encouragement, understanding, and drive is what I have mastered in this journey and am here to share some of that with you.

Now Let’s Get Personal

I am a single parent of three amazing “KINGS”, who are my reason for driving to become something better in life, work, and self. I work a daily 8-4 to pay the house bills but my passion is all things book related.

I enjoy escaping this fictional world to indulge into the ┬áreality which is books. Laughter, tears, lust and anger is what I like to experience up until the percentage reach 100% on my preferred device. This is what keeps me at peace as well as motivated and in less of a depressive state. As stated above I am a pimper of authors’ work, a driven force to enhance and invite others into a world of love, heartache, submission, adventure, and murder. This is ME, so come and embark on a journey like no other. Spreading the word of the people that invade the mind of some talented people, through simpler reality that ends in a cliffhanger or HEA.

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