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I’m no one’s knight in shining armor. My weapons of choice are my drumsticks and my di—Yeah, you get what I’m saying.

Yet, here I am, riding to the rescue to save Lena Graves from an ugly confrontation with her a-hole ex. It’s not like I’ve given the little secretary, who happens to be the friend of my best friend’s girl, much thought. But I’m not going to stand by and let her be disrespected either. And when she thanks me by sinking to her knees in the club bathroom? Well, I don’t stop her.

I did mention I’m no one’s hero, right?

Now, my mother is demanding I return home for my parents’ anniversary party, and I might be the drummer of the world’s hottest rock band, but I can’t say no to her. But damn if I’m showing up alone—especially when my brother will be there with the woman I was supposed to marry once upon a time.

It’s Lena’s turn to do me a solid, and when she grudgingly agrees to come with me, problem is solved. Though we shared a nuclear hot encounter that is permanently branded on my mind, she’s the perfect woman to be my fake girlfriend. Lena knows this is pretend and won’t expect anything more at the end of this.

But being in such close proximity to her…sharing her space…breathing in her sweet scent…touching her thick, curvy body… This ruse requires me to act as if I’m gone over this woman. But this pretense is stirring something all too real inside me. And at the end, we’re going our separate ways. Or maybe it’ll be me begging her to please, don’t go…

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